Asics Gel-Landreth

So, Asics’s new Gel-Landreth has some great features meant for runners with narrow heels, which is a pretty big problem of mine, so I’ll have to see how that works out. Its too bad that I no longer use a common shoe, so this too a bit longer to find than the gel-nimbus I used to wear would have.

My shins seem to be in good shape, finally. I took Saturday off and Sunday and Monday were 3 miles and 2 miles, both on a treadmill due to some absolutely ridiculous weather.

Today I did 3 miles followed by 8 by 150meters at something between a stride and a light interval pace. I then just did about a half mile cool down. I’m glad my shins seem to finally be better so now I can start adding more miles and intervals.

I took a few pictures of my shoes just to add some color to my blog, and Toia has taken up residence in the box from the shoes, so I got a great picture of her as well. (What else exactly can I add to a running blog as far as pictures go, other than pictures of running shoes? I’ll have to figure that out!)

Toia in a shoe box
running shoes on the treadmill I was stuck on for two days
Toia is probably actually smaller than a running shoe

-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011

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Another three mile run with shin pain… this is getting to be very routine and kind of frustrating. I’m icing again and DEFINITELY getting new running shoes as soon as possible! So here’s my good friend, the bag of ice again:

Dear bag of ice, please save my shin

-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011

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Boring run and found my Marathon Stick!

Again, just did about 3 miles on grass in order to ease back into running consistently. I added a couple of ~80meter strides to change up my pace a little, but it was pretty uneventful otherwise. My shin is aching slightly again (aka, I definitely need new shoes), so I iced it after running, hopefully consistently icing it right away will prevent anything else from happening before I find those shoes!

My left knee felt a bit off as well, so I worked out the muscles in my lower left quad with my “Stick” after running as well. I forgot how useful this thing can be for relaxing tight muscles, its been sitting in the back of my closet for a couple of years now!

“Marathon” Stick for muscle recovery
bag of ice for my shins

-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011

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Actually better now..

I just did 3 miles on grass today. Finally my shins felt 100%, completely fine! I’m absurdly happy to have beaten this awful shin splint, just hoping they won’t come back now.

I felt pretty bad when running today, probably from having taken basically a week off, so hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. I’m debating whether or not to do any lifting today, I might be better off waiting so that I’m not overdoing anything again.

That goal sheet might need to be changed unless I feel normal running in the next couple of days.


-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011


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So my shin truly has been hurting the past couple of days, I’m hoping that a run later on today will work well, as I took the past two days off. On Friday, however, I got in about a 4-mile run in sand. Early in the morning, it was already over 100 degrees, but that always seems to be less bothersome when you’re running close to the water. I’ve been able to do some work with ankle weights despite having the shin pain and not running.

This is pretty frustrating, seeing as how I just found my flats to do some interval workouts, and I haven’t gotten to do any!

I’m still keeping my goals, including the one to finish by the end of august. Later I’ll add some pictures that mom took while I was running (I wish she could come with me all of the time, as she always comes backs with cool pictures that she took while walking!)

-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011


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Almost healthy…

Finally ran again today, just did 3miles on grass. My upper shin hurt just a bit, but not nearly as badly as it had before. I finally got a hold of my lighter shoes, so I’m going to attempt a light track workout tomorrow morning unless my shins start to hurt when I’m warming up. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some running on the beach over the next few days, as that’s always fun for a change of scenery (and I’m definitely hoping my shin aches don’t come back when I’m 4miles out on the beach, as that’s a long way to come back in the sand with pain!


-Rachel Provost, Duke 2011

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Two Days Off…

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Other blog updates here!

So, I’m going to try and update this blog, but most of my running updates and blog posts can also be found at, so if you some crazy, unexplainable reason you actually care about my running life, check out that link!

rachel provost, Duke 2011

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